Confirmed Exhibitors

  • - First Mechanical Design Corporation (Novel optical components)
  • - Global Access Ltd. (Poster Exhibit: Dark fi ber service, ethernet leased circuit service, etc.)
  • - ID Quantique SA / OPTO SCIENCE, INC. (Measurement system for quantum cryptography network)
  • - QuantumWorks: Quantum Information Network Canada (Folders and pamphlets to advertise the project)
  • - Princeton Lightwave, Inc. / San-Es Trading Co., Ltd (Single photon receivers, single photon detectors)
  • - NuCrypt, LLC (Entangled photon source, correlated photon detection system, polarization analyzer)
  • - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (One-time pad mobile phone software)
  • - NTT Basic Research Laboratories, NTT Corporation (Single photon detectors, etc.)
  • - Tokyo Instruments, Inc. (NIR-single photon detector)
  • - NICT (Multichannel superconducting single photon detector system)
  • - AIST (Entangled photon sources, photon number resolving superconducting detectors)

At the banquet, the space communications group of NICT plans to present a free-space laser communication system and will try to establish an optical link between the banquet room "Sirius" (37F) and a room in another building (Hotel New Otani 37F, about 1 km away). In the experiment, optical tracking and scintillation measurements will be demonstrated in the presence of high-rise building sway.